So…what to say about me? I could write some contrived biography written in third person about how wonderful I am. Or I could give my life story and talk about how it lead me on some sort of path to the music I make today, or something to that effect. Either way, I wouldn’t want to write or read that, and I wouldn’t expect you’d want to read that either.

I’ll keep it simple.

I play guitar. I play some other instruments too, but I mainly play guitar.

My sound comes from the fact that I play classical and flamenco nylon string guitars, but I’m not a classical or flamenco guitarist – not a trained one at least. As a kid I learned how to play from blues and jazz players. I eventually began getting into hard rock and heavy metal and played in a rock band for years.

I was always intrigued by the sounds and energy of flamenco. So, I bought a nylon string guitar one day and noodled on it for a while and began to develop a style of playing that’s somewhat unconventional. It gets classified as some sort of flamenco style. That’s cool with me, I’m a huge fan of flamenco music.

I enjoy what I play and I hope you enjoy listening to it.

Much love.